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Audxguard is a medical claims data review service headquartered in Portland, Oregon

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Our Story

Audxguard is a wholly owned subsidiary of WellRithms, a physician-owned bill review company.  We started in Worker’s Compensation over 25 years ago providing payment integrity for our clients and added benefits to the mix about 7 years ago. We have a very unique skillset ensuring that claims are being paid appropriately and years of defending our methodology in the courtroom.

As WellRithms' Chief Medical Officer, Ira Weintraub, says in regards to our bill review: "We find a new wrinkle every day." Whether it's bundling, upcoding, or duplicate billing, there are so many ways that claims are filed that lead to overpayments and waste.

One particular wrinkle that we have noticed is the massive backlog of improperly paid claims that haven't been reviewed. This backlog is the result of carriers being dishonest in how they are paying claims, and health plan fiduciaries not being able or willing to carefully monitor claim processing.

We are a team dedicated to the highest standards of payment integrity and responsible claims processing. To that end, we have spun off Audxguard, a suite of services to help Health Plan Fiduciaries be proactively compliant and to monitor how Plan assets have been used in the past. This information can then be used to inform how Plan assets can be better managed moving forward.

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